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Frequently Asked Engine Questions

Q - How can I pay for an engine?
A - We accept bank wire transfers, money orders, and cashiers checks. There is a 3% charge for credit cards on motors, drive train kits, and bike kits. We will not accept credit cards on some foreign orders due to the high rate of fraud

Q - Does the price include shipping (since they are over $300)?
A - No, shipping is extra as motors must be shipped via freight. The average cost to ship a motor is around $250.00

Q - Do you ship motors overseas?
A - Yes, we do. We can ship to many countries. These include, but are not limited to, Canada, United Kingdom, most European Union countries, Norway, and Australia. We do not ship to Singapore or west Africa at this time due to the high amount of fraud generating from those areas. Also, we may not be able to ship to countries with trade sanctions levied against them.

Q - Can you put together custom drive train packages?
A - Yes. See our drive train quote form.

Q - Are your S&S motors assembled by S&S?
A - Yes, unless otherwise stated, all our S&S motors are assembled by S&S.

Q - What is the lead time to get a motor?
A - Standard motors with few options generally take about a week and a half to arrive. Specialty motors vary.

Q - Can I get a production S&S, Ultima, or Revtech motor without an ignition?
A - No, almost all motors now come with ignitions.

Q - Can I get motors unassembled?
A - Ultima motors, yes. S&S, no. S&S only allows the sale of unassembed motors to verified race shops.

Q - Do your motors come with an MSO?
A - Of course. In addition, S&S motors also come with certificates of Authenticity.

Q - I would like to order 7 S&S 145 engines, pay with a stolen credit card, and have them shipped overnight to Singapore - can you help me?
A - We take attempts to scam us seriously - VERY SERIOUSLY.

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