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Submit Your Site

If you would like to have a link placed in our directory, please observe the following guidelines.

  1. Link Exchange or One-Way links

    For most sites, we require a link be placed on your site in exchange. Before requesting a link in our directory, first place a link to our site on your web page. Use on of the links listed before, and simply copy and paste it to your links page. When you contact us, show us the location of where the link to our site is posted.

    <p><a href="">Harley Davidson Parts</a><br>
    Chopper Surplus offers a huge selection of parts for your Harley Davidson Motorcycle at discount prices.</p>

    <p><a href="">Harley Parts</a><br>
    Chopper Surplus offers a huge selection of parts for your Harley Davidson Motorcycle at discount prices.</p>

    <p><a href="">Chopper Kits</a><br>
    Chopper Surplus offers discount rolling chassis and chopper kits from all the top manufacturers.</p>

    <p><a href="">Motorcycle Saddle Bags</a><br>
    Looking for a new set of bags to dress up your motorcycle? Chopper Surplus offers saddle bags for Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Honda motorcycles, in a variety of styles and materials.</p>

    We will consider one-way links to exceptional sites with superior content. This decision is made at our digression.

    If you are a web master with multiple sites, other options may be available. Contact us at the Red Dragon site.

  2. Subject Matter
    Our links directory is intended not only to be a marketing tool for our website, we also strive to provide quality content to our customers. We prefer sites we link to be related to motorcycles, fabricating, hot rods, tools, or anything else related to building choppers or the biker lifestyle. We will consider other types of sites, but keep in mind motorcycle-related content is our first preference.

    We do not exchange links with the following types of sites:
    • Link Farms
    • Pornographic Sites (a little T&A on a biker site is fine, but not porn-only sites)
    • Affiliate links pages with no unique content
    • Direct competitors (some overlap is alright, but not direct competitors)
    • Site about Viagra or other spam content

  3. Links/Resources Page Our Link is Placed On
    Many webmasters and SEO specialists will use a number of tricks to manipulate their link popularity and page rank. This includes placing their links page on another server/domain with no page rank, having a php links page with no page rank, having a links page that cannot actually be accessed from their site, posting links and then pulling them down shortly after the exchange is made, ect. We will not tolerate these games, thus we require:

    • You can easily navigate to your links page or directory from your home page.
    • There must be page rank associated with the page our link is posted on. We don't require any specific amount, just that you have some. We will consider waiving this with new sites.
    • We prefer your links page have less than 30 links/page, but it is not required.
    • We prefer that your links page be an HTML, XHTML, or HTM page, but we will consider others.
    • Our link cannot be posted in Javascript - it must be an html-style link
    • There cannot be a "no follow" attribute on the link
    • We Utilize software to automatically check if links are still in place, and can be followed by the search engines. Attempts at deception will give your site and yourself a lifetime ban.

  4. Email Your Request All link exchange requests should be sent to:
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