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Foreign Orders FAQ

Are you in Manchester and looking for a frame? Want a new S&S motor for your scooter in time for the Australian summer? Chopper Surplus ships to select locations worldwide. Below are some of the most common questions are foreign customers have.

Q - What countries do you ship to?
A - Most countries in North and South America, US Territories, US military installations, European Union countries, Norway, Turkey, South Africa, Austalia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea. We may be able to ship to other countries with restrictions - contact us for details. We cannot ship to countries with trade sanctions against them. These include, but are not limited to, Iran, Cuba, and North Korea. We also do not ship to Singapore, Indonesia, and countries in west Africa due to the amount of fraud originating in those areas.

Q - Are your products approved for use in my country?
A - No idea. Sadly, we can barely keep up with US regulations let alone those in other countries. Some items we offer are TÜV approved, and we try to note this where it applies. Some items, such as S&S and Revtech, offer different versions of their products that comply with foriegn regulations. We can put you in touch directly with manufacturers to find out about their product's compliance with your countries regulations - contact us for details.

Q - What payment methods are accepted?
A - In most countries we ship to, we can accept credit cards, wire transfers, and paypal on orders. In some restricted countries, payment methods may be limited to wire transfers.

Q - Can I pay in my local currency?
A - As of right now, no. We only accept payments in amounts of US Dollars. In the future we may be able to accept payment in Euros, Loonies, and Yen, but as of right now we cannot.

Q - How much is shipping?
A - Shipping costs depend on weight and size. Shipping on foreign orders is charged exact.

For smaller sized items and those under 40 pounds (18.2 Kg) in weight, we ship via the US Postal Service Priority Mail International. Delivery times are estimated at 6-10 business days. Some common shipping prices: Hooker Trouble maker exhaust - $100, Gas Tanks - $65, Air Cleaners - $45. You can estimate shipping charges at:

For larger items such as motors or frames, we ship DHL Ocean Freight. Delivery time is usually around a month. Price varies by size and weight, and additional packaging charges for export approved pallets and packaging may apply. Common rates: Motor to Europe - $550, Frame to Europe $500, Motor to Australia $600, Frame to Australia - $550.

Q - Shipping was not added to my online order.
A - Shipping is excluded on online orders because we charge exact shipping on foriegn orders. Shipping is charged seperate at the time your order ships. We can provide you with the exact amount shipping will come to before we process your order - contact us for details.

Q - I am in Nigeria and want to order 7 S&S motors, have them shipped next day air, and pay with a stolen credit card.
A - We have a lot of friends in a lot of countries. Don't even think of trying ot scam us.

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